Sandbar Big Wednesday

Originating in Ventura, California, Herbal Rootz is a roots, rock, and reggae band with an authentic sound that leaves the world grooving!

Led by two young spiritually driven and highly motivated brothers, they linked up with heart pounding spine tingling drummer,Esteban Juarez. Alex Landron envelops the Band with his smooth,soul touching Saxaphone fill’s while Casey Walker brings an enchanting harmony on key’s with his jazzy fills.

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January is the month to save the dogs! DAWG, The Dog Adoption & Welfare Group’s mission is to reduce the rate of euthanasia in Santa Barbara by providing medical care for dogs to have a second chance at life!

DAWG is the ONLY no-kill shelter on the entire Central Coast, and has helped over 150 dogs be adopted in 2015!

Buy a wristband at Sandbar during the month of January. We will waive your cover charge and give you a special late night Happy Hour with the purchase of a wristband on Friday nights. Wristbands are $6 at the door on Friday night starting at 10pm or you can buy a wristband for $5 any other time during the week. It feels good giving back!

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Sandbar Big Wednesday

This is not a show you want to miss!

Hawaii Reggae movement “Inna Vision” is known as Maui’s first reggae band to tour Nationally and gain world wide recognition. With hit songs “Positive Ions,” “Find a Way,” “East End” and “Inspiration,” the Hawaii based reggae group has impacted global iTunes charts and is setting pace on todays “band to the fan” music scene. Inna Vision has recorded and released several albums under their independent label “Cultural Vision Maui” that have all been distributed internationally. Making history as the first Maui band to tour North America nation wide, performing in 50 cities in 60 days. IV is known for their strong social media presence with “day to day” tour videos, instagram feeds, thousands of youtube subscribers with some videos reaching over 150,000 views.


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Sandbar's Big Wednesday

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Sandbar’s Big Wednesday presents Woven Roots!

Sandbar's Big Wednesday

The music of Woven Roots harmonizes rich roots reggae and dub styles from the deep wilderness of Humboldt county. Inspiration for the powerful lyrics and beats comes from living close to the earth in the beautiful woodlands of the pacific northwest. Woven Roots is lead by the melodic vocals of Travis B. and backed by the talents of life-long musicians: Gueren(guitar), Eliam(bass), Alex(keyboards),and Tanasa(drums).Both of their current albums are available online on I-tunes and “Storms of Change”, and “Foundation”, which includes their new music video entitled “Amazon”.

This young group of musical visionaries are on a quest to create original music using nature as a model of how to maintain the continuity of life on earth. Stepping away from the mainstream path of exploitative and destructive technologies of advanced industrial economies, Woven Roots seeks to use music as a vessel to spread a message of love and understanding for our planets finite resources. With over 60 songs about respect and reciprocity for the natural systems on earth, Woven Roots communicates positive change to achieve environmentally sound methods for providing our basic human needs of food, energy and shelter. Through this truth and wisdom they are using lyrics and sound to spread knowledge of a world free from the fear of ecological apocalypse. Together their hope is for all of us to co evolve toward a better, safer and more prosperous future for our planet.

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Sandbar’s Big Wednesday presents After The Smoke!


Sandbars Big Wednesday


Hailing from Ventura County in Southern CA, After the Smoke comes to you with an original style of Cali roots-rock Reggae music!

After years of pursuing their own musical endeavors, long time friends come together to bring the world a new sound of reggae. What started out as a few jam sessions eventually led to an original blend of roots-rock reggae, with every individual member contributing a unique influence from their diverse backgrounds.

Having performing at Hard Rock Cafe in Hollywood, CA as a top 12 finalist out of 600+ for the Hard Rock Rising Battle of the Bands and winning “Must See Band” at the 2014 Ventura County Music Awards, After the Smoke is on track for success as they venture out into the world with their recently-released first self-titled EP “After the Smoke.”


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Sandbar’s Big Wednesday presents King Zero!

Sandbars Big Wednesday

Come listen to KING ZERO at Sandbar’s Big Wednesday on the new stage!

King zero is a Local Santa Barbara reggae, hip hop, funk, fusion band. King Zero’s crew features Ben Collinson on Vocals, Angelo Caprio on Guitar & Vocals, Keith Cain on Guitar, Kevin Long on Bass, and Jay Clark on Drums!

Text “SBMUSIC” to 353535 for Drink Specials and more!

Reservations & Bottle Service call (805) 252-5409!

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Sandbar’s Big Wednesday Presents Sure Shot Rockers!

Sure Shot Rockers are hittin the new Sandbar stage for Sandbar’s Big Wednesday!  The party starts at 10PM!  If you haven’t checked out the new stage, now’s your chance.  Take advantage of drink specials and deals by texting SBMUSIC to 353535! Sandbar
Check out this video of the Sure Shot Rockers adding some reggae flavor to the Selina Gomez remix!

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Sandbar is BACK!


After almost 3 months of an intense remodel, we are excited to announce that we are now open!  We are still waiting on a few finishing touches, but we couldn’t wait any longer to share the new Sandbar with you!  Now, you can enjoy specialty Margaritas in the new Open Air Bar!  The layout is better, the bar is brand new and our staff is ready to get back to work!

Thanks to you, we were listed in {Las Vegas’s top 100} list this year for best nightclubs and bars in the nation! Thank you for your continued support and for all of the messages and inquiries during our remodel!

Start your weekend out right with lunch or Happy Hour (3-7 pm) at the new Sandbar!  

We will be working hard leading up to our Grand Reopening party in s a few weeks, but please stop by, check out the new layout and let us know what you think!  

Sandbar | 514 State St | Santa Barbara

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Cornerstone LIVE at Sandbar’s Big Wednesday!

Check out Cornerstone live at Sandbar tonight! It’s Big Wednesday and we are doing it BIG! Sandbar is decked out for Halloween, so come drink with us and start your Halloween drinking now!

Don’t forget the Zombie Apocalypse is happening tomorrow (during 3Way Thursdays!!) and all the freaks will be out for Halloween! Let the games begin!!

VIP tables available! Call/Text 805.252.5409 to make your reservation!

Click this link to listen!

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