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Dubbest Cover

Dubbest has just launched an album release tour that will introduce them to the West Coast territory that put North American reggae on the map, home to heavy-hitters like Groundation, Slightly Stoopid, and Rebelution. Live shows give the band a chance to stretch their legs and revel in spontaneity. They like to expand the dub sections of songs to showcase each performer and surprise the crowd with obscure roots reggae tracks. As MacKenzie puts it, “It’s always an exciting show because you never know what we’ll play.” The combination of this in-the-moment energy with Light Flashes’s studio wizardry and songwriting prowess causes a combustion that propels the band’s musical journey toward timelessness.

Sharing the stage with acts such as JBoog, Giant Panda Guerilla Dub Squad, Anuhea, The Itals, New Kingston, John Brown’s Body, Stick Figure, The Green, Badfish, and countless others, Dubbest proceeds to seek out any opportunity to display the experience of life, love, happiness, and truth via sound and vibration.

Dubbest is
Ryan Thaxter – Vocals, Keys, Melodica, Percussion
Andrew Mackenzie – Guitar, Vocals
Cory Mahoney – Guitar, Vocals
Sean Craffey – Bass
Kyle Hancock – Drums, Percussion

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