March 24, 2016 jaime


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Drawing from every artistic style, The Olés present a seamless blend of musical appreciation. They feel most at home on stage, entertaining communities with a top shelf cocktail of reggae, hip hop, rock, funk, and blues.

After setting up headquarters in Santa Barbara, CA, home of the stoke, The Olés methodically outlined their path to success. Four years later, the dedicated group has absorbed a sea of loving fans that are eager to play a vital role in their sonic journey. Their new album, “Strictly Speaking,” refreshingly redefines what a California reggae band can sound like.

Compared to similar groups, their music is a bit more dissonant and their lyrics come across more personal than universal. Find the new album ‐ boasting inventive lyrics, heavy drum and bass, a jazzy brass section, and positive vibes ‐ on Itunes, Spotify, and YouTube today. A wise Puerto Rican man once said, “The Olés don’t have a specific style…they just have style!”

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